Welcome to English Literature and Culture

Welcome to a new school year at Fagerlia!

We are excited to start this new Project in English Literature and Culture, where both you and I will use blogs to share information, curriculum, assignments, and answers. This is a first for us, and the learning curve might be steep. We hope you will learn a lot and that you all will have some patience with your more technically challenged teacher.

Let’s get started!

The first order of business is for you to create Your own blogs. Remember, this is an educational blog, which will be evaluated, so keep it tidy and professional. Use wordpress.com and choose a free account. When making your account you can choose whether to have a public, private or hidden blog, but no matter which you choose you have to share the link with your teacher.

All of blogs will be read and be Godkjent/Ikke Godkjent, and some will be evaluated with grades. You will be notified which ones will be graded.

So, get to it! Make your blog, include links to other public blogs of your classmates, as well as our teacher blog, and maybe even a map, so you can see where your visitors are from.

After having created your blog, your first blog assignment is simply this: Write a post about one of the short stories which we will discuss in class. Your post should include a plot summary and some comments on the theme(s). Also, share your thoughts on how you would like to work with this subject.

Good luck!